Sunday, July 14, 2013

Generosity, Family

After trying to connect to Mohammed Nafees, our GCi student winner from India, I finally was able to talk with him this afternoon. I was asking about his experience with KDE, and if he had gotten the help and support he needed. The enthusiasm of his reply was a bit surprising. He said he had chosen KDE because it is more than a community. When he couldn't think of the word he wanted to use to finish his sentence, I said that to me, KDE is family. He said, "YES! KDE is family."

Hours later, I'm still smiling about that. What a wonderful way to end the official Akademy program.

Right now, I'm typing this on my little netbook, surrounded by enthusiastic hackers. Even after working all day, most are hacking still at midnight! With occasional breaks for table tennis and pool, of course. The power cords snaking over the floor are hilarious!

Some of us paid our own way to this wonderful conference, but many of us are sponsored in whole or in part by the KDE e.V. Such generosity is what family is all about. However, as my mother used to say, money doesn't grow on trees! If you have not yet "Joined the Game", please think about signing up. Our e.V. needs a reliable funding stream to continue to support those who create the wonderful KDE ecosystem.

I'm really here.....
Akademy 2013

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