Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cool Summer Stuff


I'm so happy to be headed to Europe again, especially for this huge event. I look forward to meeting more of my KDE team, but also many Gnome developers. Next month, I'll head down to Portland again and attend both CLS and OSCON. Looking forward to that as well. I'm thinking of doing a lightning talk at CLS, and hope that that springs me forward to start public speaking again.

Finally, I've Joined the Game, and am now supporting KDE quarterly. If you are using a KDE-provided platform and applications, you might join too! See Join the Game for more information.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Table of Contents is DONE! and other Sprint News

In spite of spotty internet connections and wiki timeouts, the Amarok Handbook Table of Contents is done! Eternal thanks to Myriam for her help learning how to move the pages, and to the rest of the team for working out the best order for the pages. Moving the pages is a bit complicated, so if you are using Userbase, try to get your pages in the order you will want them! The Kdenlive team has already posted their QuickStart Guide, so they are well on the way to documenting their excellent application. KMix is next. Right, Christian?

Of course I still need to check the Amarok pages for the proper progress information. That shouldn't take long, and I should have it done within the week -- maybe sooner.

In non-documentation news, we had a good community-building meeting. Unfortunately none of us were quite ready, but we covered all the ground anyway, I think.

My Pictures, and Trever's pictures.

Also, the biscotti were a huge hit! Most were gone the first day. Well worth the space in my luggage. :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Greetings from Randa, Switzerland

Thanks to KDE e.V. sponsorship, I was able to come here to attend the Amarok and Multimedia Sprints, and mix with other sprint teams too, such as the KDE Platform, who have taken over the entire attic!, and Nepomuk, KDevelop-Kate. Find our linked notes and such from I'm sure that all Amarok, Phonon, PulseAudio, and Kdenlive users will find much to celebrate about as the commits roll in!

Harald Sitter is now lord president of #kde multimedia! He has the vision to create from the disparate KDE multimedia applications and teams, a more unified experience for KDE users, and cooperation and coordination between application teams.

We are living in an 150 year-old hotel this week, hosted by Mario Fux and seemingly his entire family and friends from the entire valley! The food and fellowship have both been great! Especially the raclette for dinner. And getting to know people who've not met -- including some Gnome people! See some pictures here: