Sunday, June 24, 2012

BoFs at Akademy

So excited to see all the BoF meetings shaping up for Akademy. Perhaps most exciting is the KDE Authors meetup. For background, see Supreet's great post at For the BoF info, see As plans now stand, we'll be in room 226 on Wednesday, July 4th at 14:00 UT. I assume we'll be in IRC (freenode) #kde-docs, or announce there a special channel.

If you want to write for or about KDE, be there!

Other exciting BoFs (These are exciting to me. There are lots of others.):


Quality Team, 15:00 in room 226.

OwnCloud/KDE, 10:30 in room 419. ( )

Tuesday: no sessions formally scheduled during the KDE e.V. Annual General Meeting. This will be my first e.V. AGM, so this is very exciting.


Besides our Authors BoF, it will be great to attend  the Women's Outreach, at 9:30. The women's session at the Desktop Summit was outstanding, and I'm expecting great things from this session as well!

Thursday, I hope to attend Liquid democracy. Pirate politics – Free Software relationship in room 419 at 10:30. Others may find the more technical BoFs to their taste on Thursday:

The final day of Akademy is Friday. So far the day's schedule is blank! I hope it fills as people talk about projects with others.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Going to Akademy!

Yes, I'm going to Tallinn, Estonia in a few days, courtesy of the generosity of the KDE e.V., who has sponsored my travel costs. I'm so excited! Flying in a few days early, so that jet-lag won't hinder my time at Akademy, and perhaps I can do some setup help as well. And of course I hope to wander around the medieval city until my feet fall off -- when will another chance come to see Tallinn, after all?

The talks and meetings sound exciting, but what I most look forward to is meeting my KDE family, most of whom I know only from IRC and email. I hope to see you there! Please tell me you read my blog sometimes, and I'll buy you a coffee or a beer. :-)