Sunday, January 30, 2011

KDE Warriors - our sysadmins

Martin earlier called out his heroes: "Ian, our awesome sysadmin crew, KO for sponsoring Ian and everybody else who worked on the git transition."

Indeed! I happened to be in the sysadmin channel when the entire migration was happening, and there was some blood on the floor. But through it all, our KDE sysadmin team kept their cool, kept our infrastructure and data safe, and got everything working. I appreciate that deeply.

Kudos! and thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

KDE 4.6 - Elegance!

It's here! Beta was great, and I expect even more from the full release! See more at I love all the artwork accompanying 4.6, which shows the beauty and elegance we want from great software.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Amarok Insider 16, brought to you by Google Code-in Students!

Galah in flight II

The latest Amarok Insider, just published at, features the writing of seven Google Code-In students, writing nine different articles, ranging from an interview with developer Bart Cerneels, to "How To install a new script in Amarok." Besides the mentors, students were able to get assistance and encouragement in their tasks and research from Amarok developers and users in the #amarok IRC channel on Freenode, which is what makes these articles of
such high quality.

Amarok Insider featured articles: What's New in Amarok, Google and Amarok, Roktober Success, Interview with a Developer: Bart Cerneels, Automated Playlist Generator: How to Use it, Queue Manager in Amarok, Installing and using a script in Amarok, Amarok on Windows, Transcode
your media files, Amarok Live CD.

Google Code-In was a huge success for Amarok, and it's great to celebrate the Amarok 2.4 release with this Insider almost completely written by our students!