Friday, May 6, 2011

Regression Testing, Please!

I've recently written a bit about my difficulties using UbuntuOne in Kubuntu Maverick and now again in Natty. The sad part is that a bit of regression testing, and working with our Kubuntu developer could have solved this situation long ago. APIs are supposed to give application developers access, not make that access more difficult.

Now a related incident has happened: a Canonical uTouch patch to Qt which breaks Wacom tablets. For more on this, see:

Thank you to the Koffice people for blogging about this.

ScottK assures me that a fixed package can be found in his PPA: while we try to get the fix properly sorted:

Canonical developers, please do some regression testing against Kubuntu before committing changes.


  1. That sounds familiar: :-)

  2. Valorie,

    As the blue-headstep dragon of Ubuntu Canonical will never test against Kubuntu. It maybe an official supported version by Canonical but things won't get tested. I remember at the UDS in Google where they started talking about the DX team there was not a discussion about Kubuntu.
    I know Mark has mentioned serveral times he cars about KUbuntu, none of the other develpers seem to

  3. @Martin: No. That was the opposite problem. The Intel issue was an upstream change and was fixed in Ubuntu by a distro patch.