Thursday, October 21, 2010

UDS and You, Wherever You Are

I was fortunate to get sponsorship to the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, but most of the participants did not! Many if not most folks will be in IRC and listening to the streams, and we on-site participants will be in IRC also, and be responding real-time to those of you who are remote.

Laura Czajkowski has written a great guide to doing this, and I hope you will try it out. Look at the sessions, and pick a couple of them, and BE THERE!

Apachelogger has updated his Icecast script so you can listen right from Amarok. Use the script search to find it, and then select your sessions from the Internet session.

I look forward to "seeing" you there -- especially you Kubuntu folks!

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  1. "Nixternal", Richard A. Johnson, blogged about "UDS Remotely" here: . It is really cool to have the IRC participation, and we all pay close attention to it.