Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy 20 Years, KDE

Just got this email as a KDE e.V. supporter, from Lydia Pintscher, e.V. President, and thought I would share:
We are celebrating 20 years of KDE. The actual anniversary is on 14th of October but we are starting the celebrations now already at QtCon. We have put together several things that might be of interest to you:
* A book: "20 Years of KDE: Past, Present and Future" is a collection of short essays by present and past contributors to KDE including KDE's founder Matthias Ettrich. They give insights into the history of KDE and the motivation of its contributors. A paperback version is available for ordering and a PDF can be downloaded for free. You can find out more about it at
* A timeline: This timeline gives an overview of the past 20 years of KDE and highlights the most important events in the history of KDE. You can find it at
* Anniversary celebrations: We are doing dinners and parties in several parts of the world. Signup and planning is happening at (Seattle party-planning is underway) 
You can find coverage from QtCon at and we are collecting pictures from the conference at Thank you for your support over the years that made so much possible. I hope you'll be with us for the next 20.

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