Sunday, January 11, 2015

Students, Google Summer of Code is coming, but not quite yet....

We've been seeing more and more questions about GSoC and how to get involved.

GSoC 2015 will be happening, but it is not yet time for orgs to even apply, much less be accepted. So we have no ideas page as yet for GSoC 2015.

That said, the best way to have your GSoC proposal accepted is to join
a team NOW and work with them on triaging and fixing bugs, and working
on old and new projects. As you work with your team members and the
codebase, you will be learn how to create a proposal which fits the needs
of the project, and also find willing and able mentors willing to guide you. Remember, mentoring is hard work. Probable mentors want to choose students they can trust to complete their proposal successfully.

The time to prepare for GSoC is now -- but it is not the time for
creating proposals yet. The important part of GSoC is embedding
yourself into your chosen project.Your energy can transform a project
from one lacking a spark into one brimming with enthusiasm. Go for it!

How to join a team:
  • Find the best list(s) and subscribe, and scan the archives.
  • Join the relevant IRC channels and hang out there All The Time.
  • Search the forum for areas/posts where you can help out.
  • Start searching for bugs which you can test, and fix.
  • Learn how to propose your code changes to Reviewboard.
Other ways to prepare yourself:
  • Read the KDE Developers manual and prepare your development environment.
  • Read the GSoC Student Manual.
  • As you work your way through the documentation, please fix errors you find, or update it. Remember, documentation is part of the code we provide to both other developers and users.

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