Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventures in git

It has been a bit painful to learn to build from source, but I can do it both from git and from tarballs now. (Painful for me, and I'm sure even more painful for the patient devels who have helped me through my beginner mistakes. Thank you Amarok and KDE Multimedia devs, especially Harald and Myriam.)

Tonight, I was working with the developer of the wonderful little CLI application Rippit trying to get it to work on my system again. He gave me a patch to the tarball which cleared up one error, but then there was another, and GAH. Then I noticed that he used git, DUH, which I know how to clone from and then build. For instance, in this case, it was

mkdir rippit && cd rippit
git clone git://
cd rippit && mkdir build && cd build && cmake cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull $HOME/rippit/rippit
sudo make install

From the error message, Trever could tell that I wasn't using the proper branch. So:

cd src
then, rather than ls to list all the branches, 
git branch -a 
git checkout remotes/origin/0.1 (I found this method on Stackoverflow. Thanks superlogical for your answer.)

From there, delete the build folder, and do the rest of the process as before. I love stringing together the commands with && which make it so much easier for me to copy/paste or use the up-arrow in Yakuake. I want to make it easy to rebuild so that testing can be quick.

Finally, a working Rippit again! Thanks again, Trever. You rock! KDE devels are the best.

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