Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LoCo Teams in the Natty Cycle

Still trying to organize my thoughts after the UDS in Orlando. While the election results are distracting, I think it's important to analyze what lies ahead, and get moving before the holidays hit.

Washington Team
1. We need to hold leadership elections, and transfer power over the Launchpad team to the leadership.

2. We need to begin scheduling and hold regular meetings, even if they are only in IRC.

3. We need to get the official logbot in our #ubuntu-us-wa channel on Freenode. Linda is requesting that, so I hope it will happen soon.

4. We need to look at the calendar and plan some Team events, so advance planning can take place.

5. We need to figure out how to get monthly reports done monthly, so that we can get approval!

In the discussion about increasing diversity in the Ubuntu Community, Pici posted a great link, which might be helpful in how we conduct our LoCo team:

Ubuntu Community Local Teams
There are some exciting plans ahead. Some of them (from Ubuntu LoCo Council Items for the Natty Cycle):

* Community leaders to sign the Leadership Code of Conduct in Launchpad

* Team Re-approvals from the LoCo Directory instead of wiki pages

* Move content from the wiki to the LoCo Directory

* Standard Team Re-approval form


* Standards for teams, a set of guidelines:

* Update the standard Application to include Team reports and give more details

* Enforce the team naming standards [this can't happen soon enough, IMO]

PS: May 9-13 UDS-O, Budapest! Lay your plans now. :-)


  1. Great ideas! I've also been seriously contemplating leadership elections. At least some way to cycle out people so that we share the load and no one gets burned out. You know?

    For monthly reports, I just start it and add to it as the month goes along. If it's someone's duty then it gets done. I made the mistake of not pushing for someone to do it one month and we missed it. So, I just start it and add to it when I see things in emails or in the meeting :)

    Virginia's not approved either but definitely working on it!

  2. Hi Valorie. I'm reading this on Planet KDE and there isn't a KDE angle in this post. Please could you change your feed URL that Planet KDE aggregates to the KDE labelled feed so your pure Ubuntu posts don't dilute the KDE content?
    Will Stephenson

  3. Bille, I would be glad to do that. If someone knows how to separate and direct feeds from blogspot, please tell me how.

  4. Hi Valorie

    It's explained here:

    For example the KDE feed for your blog would be
    If you change Planet KDE's config to use this feed then only the KDE related stories will be syndicated there (that's what I do to keep my openSUSE and KDE hats separate).



  5. I would agree with most of your ideas. Recording the irc meetings is fairly easy. In fact, one of the WA team members use to do it for all of our OR, PNW and WA team meetings. I would then take the log for that day, chop it down to the relevant time frame and then post it on our wiki as meeting minutes.

    Leadership is a tough one! Most people have no clue what type of a time commitment it takes to start or keep a team active! I was able to keep things going before I enlisted with the US Military but since, I have not been in the PNW and have had VERY limited time to invest.

    Rotating the responsibilities is a great idea as long as expectations are clearly defined and there is some sort of a foundation for the next person to build off of. Building such a foundation was my original goal for all teams I participated in.

    Ubuntu is an awesome operating system! I for one really enjoyed giving back to the community. I look forward to doing so again in the future but life has me taking another path for at least the next few years.


  6. I am a novice to Ubuntu and want to learn all there is about it. After dumping Windows from my laptop and using nothing but Ubuntu on it, I love it. I am wanting to learn more.
    I was actually first introduced to Ubuntu while deployed by the military:-)