Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kaudiocreator Returns in KDE4

UPDATE on Kaudiocreator:

Thanks to Apachelogger, the KaudioCreator package is now available as part of kdemultimedia This is the BEST cd-ripper I've ever used, and I hope the wonderfulness came across to KDE4.

The programmer can be contacted on KDE-Apps:

Audex is also available; somewhat of a fork of this wonderful program. Thanks so much to the programmer to porting to KDE4. I appreciate it very much!

PS: Audex can be found here:

I also like Sound Juicer, but reinstalling it would have pulled in about 20 other packages, so no! I'm now happily ripping a classical CD, by the way. :-)

Oh, and by the way, I know I can rip CDs inside of Amarok, and I'm glad for that capability. But I'm pretty picky about tags, and like to rip to a directory outside of my collection, so I can check the tags before moving the files inside my collection. That way Amarok displays everything correctly from first play.

Followup note: While I still try KAudioCreator first, I have to use Sound Juicer about a quarter of the time in Lucid. While K "allows" edits to what it finds from Freedb, some those edits aren't used! Also, if the CD has any scratches, it tends to go into a tizzy, and have to be killed. Audex now crashes on startup every time, and leaves me no backtrace. I guess I could run in gdb, but really, no debugging package available? So Sound Juicer is a good fallback, even with all those dependencies. I also tried RipperX again -- still UGH! and also the CLI program abcde. Not only too techie for me, also no choices of tracks or tags.


  1. I love the simplicity of kioslave audiocd:/. Just by typing that gives me automatically the wanted format what I have predefined in system settings. But what most need, is just the automatic ripping. Just insert the CD and take it off when it gets automatically ejected after rip.

  2. That's basically the same as ripping in Konqueror. I'm still pining for the beautiful simplicity of the old KAudioCreator. And mourning its now-crippled self.

  3. Hello. There's no kaudiocreator on that ppa. I looked for a package elsewhere but I couldn't find it."E: Couldn't find package kaudiocreator". It's not in kdemultimedia either. Is there somewhere a deb for it? In the meantime I use Audex but for an unknown reason the ripped files are hidden.

  4. Latest on Kaudiocreator: , now found in

  5. if one wants perfection, he still needs to use exactaudiocopy (windows). remember about cd drive read offsets and bit-exactness when ripping e.g. cds with scratches